By Victoria BalfourThe Royal Family have been using their money to keep their secrets, but now it seems the family have turned their attention to cosmetics.

In a bid to keep secret the benefits of their products, the Queen’s daughter has been given access to a secret room of a luxury hotel.

The secret room is in a hotel on the island of Lusaka and the Queen has been invited to sit in the VIP lounge where she can take part in meetings and get exclusive access to the latest in cosmetics.

It is the Queen who has been visiting the island with her husband Prince Philip who has kept the royal family’s personal secrets to themselves.

The Queen and the Prince have been visiting Lusakas secret room since they were married.

It has also been announced that the Princess will not be staying on the Lusas private island as she was forced to leave when her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

She was also told to stay at her sister’s home in the UK.

But the Queen is now staying in a luxury resort on the tiny Pacific island of Sakhalin, which is a popular holiday destination.

The Royal family have not been in the same luxury hotel as their wives and have been staying at a different hotel on a separate island for most of their lives.

The palace has been told to pay for the cost of the room and is now seeking advice from its lawyers on how to pay.

The royal family has a large private property on the southern coast of the Pacific island and the hotel has been on the property since 2013.

The hotel is not open to the public but is the home of Princess Anne, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Princess is not a guest in the private island and has not been to the resort.

The family are also the beneficiaries of a $12 billion (£9.8 billion) benefit package paid out by the UK government.

The new resort will be the first of many developments planned by the Queen and her husband Philip in the Caribbean.

In October, the couple signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to establish a royal business development fund.

The UK government has previously confirmed plans to build a hotel at the resort, which was earmarked for the Duchess.