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The Derma secret range is a special brand exclusive range that is available exclusively at the Cosmetics & Beauty store, Derma cosmetics, Dermalia cosmetics and Derma beauty.

It is available for purchase on sale from the Cosmetic section of the store and in Derma Beauty shops and online.

The range is available in 4 shades: Peachy, Medium, Bright and Red.

You can see the complete Derma range here.

Here is the full press release.

Derma has unveiled its new beauty secret collection of 4 new beauty products with a range of bold colours, vibrant shades and fresh textures, including: The Skin of Love (M), a bright pink-hued face cream with an eye-catching shimmery finish, which is an all-over primer and a primer for cheekbones, lips and under eyes.

It also includes a cheek stain, a lip pencil and a blush.

It comes in a range which ranges from £12 to £20. 

The Skin of Passion (P), a light peach-hue, richly pigmented primer, which includes a powder and cheek stain for a natural look.

The blush is also included in the palette, as is a lip liner and eye liner.  The Skin of Passion in Rose Gold (R), a soft-sheen shimmery blush that is a perfect base to any look, or is ideal for the look of a blush on the lips and cheeks, or cheekbones.

It includes a matte blush, a metallic eye shadow and a lip brush. 

 The Lipstick of Love in Blue (L), a deep blue lip pencil that is perfect for highlighting your lips, cheekbones and cheeks and is an ideal choice for a lip-smudged lip, cheek, and cheekbones look.

It ranges from 50ml to 120ml. Rose Gold is available in a wide range of palettes, from $24.50 to $49.99. 

This is a press release from Derma Cosmetics UK. 

For more on Derma’s beauty secret range visit Derma Cosmetics UK.