Exclusive: Nikes Kalaharian Cosmetics, a secret cosmetic product line, is developing a secret luxury product line that will be exclusive to the Nike brand, a top executive said on Monday.

The project, codenamed Kalaharis, will be an extension of Nike’s existing Kalaharee line and will be a luxury-branded collection that will offer an assortment of skincare products to help athletes achieve their goals, said the executive, who declined to be named.

The initiative, codename Kalahares, is a partnership between Nike and Kalaharia Cosmetics and will launch in the next few months.

It will be the first such collaboration between a major brand and an emerging brand in the Nike community, said a person familiar with the project.

The Kalaharie brand will focus on skincaria, a collection of skin care products that are designed to help improve skin appearance and function.

The product portfolio for the partnership includes the Kalahars’ flagship collection, Kalaharian Beauty, which is the latest in the line to offer an extensive skincares collection, and the Kalahs’ Skincare and Sporty Collection.

The Nike-Kalahari partnership is a new venture, one of several to launch with Nike in recent years, said Nike Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing, John Fauci.

Kalaharia and Nike are not alone in developing new lineups to capitalize on the global athlete’s desire for a high-performance and comfortable athletic look.

Nike has also been testing its own line of skintone-enhancing products.

In February, Nike announced a partnership with a Chinese company, Shanghai Zhongyu, that is focused on skintones and skin tone.

The brand, which sells to high-end luxury brands, will launch an online store to sell its skincars.

Nike said that it was working with the Shanghai Zhugeys online store and its partners to deliver its own collection of skinfinity products.