Black Secret cosmetics, the sister company of Black Beauty, is launching a range of new products that are all based on black makeup.

They are the latest in a line of products from the company’s sister company, Black Beauty Cosmetics.

“Black Beauty Cosmetics is a collection of beauty essentials and fragrances that are inspired by our passion for beauty and fashion,” said Black Secret Cosmetics CEO and founder, Doreen M. Kastle.

The products range is called The Black Secret Collection.

The products range contains three essential and three luxury essentials: the Black Secret Fragrance Spray, The Black Beauty Hair Spray, and The Black Power Beauty Balm.

Black Beauty is known for its products which range from the Black Beauty Essentials to its newest products, including the Black Power Essence, which is a “natural, non-toxic, ultra-hydrating and hydrating beauty serum” that is formulated to boost skin tone, moisturise and heal the skin.

The Black beauty fragrance is one of the most popular beauty fragranced products.

One of the more unique new products in The Black Black Secret collection is the Black Secrets Hair Spray.

It comes in a “classic black” finish and is a product that was inspired by the classic look of the hair of the Black Panthers.

Kastle said it is “very, very exciting” that the products have been created by Black Beauty.

In a similar way to Black Beauty’s products, there are also new beauty brands that are available for purchase on the company website.

A product called The Color of My Love, is an all-natural moisturiser that is designed to boost your skin tone and helps “keep your skin radiant” and “enhance your skin’s radiance”.

The Black Beauty Beauty Balms are another product in the Black Beauties line.

It is a liquid moisturiser designed to “enhanceth your skin, brighten your skin and brighten the complexion”.

Black Secret Cosmetrics products are available at the Black Cosmetics online store, and at retail outlets in the United States and Canada.

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