By Andrew Turchin / ReutersSecret service agents working for the US government’s Office of the President and its contractors have been exposed for years, and the new documents reveal some of the secrets that went into designing and building some of them.

A leaked summary of the OPM’s security contractor contracts shows that the agency’s security contracting firm, Secured Solutions, paid $25 million in 2013 for an $18.4 million contract with the firm that is known as APCO Worldwide to work on a $14.5 million security contract for the Office of Homeland Security.

The documents also show that APCO paid a $4.5-million contract to the security firm to design and build a new $11.5.

million contract for an office in Washington, DC.APCO Worldwide was created in 2013 to provide security for the presidential office of the president and the departments of Homeland security and Defense.

It was created by then-secretary of state John Kerry, who was then the US ambassador to the United Nations.

A former senior official with APCO told Reuters that APCo is a subcontractor of the US Department of Homeland.

The former official spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is private.

The APCO contract documents show that the firm was awarded the contract to design the Office for Emergency Management (OEM) in September 2013.

The OEM is a $200 million office in New York City that will be run by the National Emergency Management Agency.APCo was also awarded the security contract with a $3.6-million price tag in January 2014.

The security contract covers a new office in the District of Columbia and two new offices in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.APCO is also a subcontractee for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INLAD).

It is also an executive-level contractor for the Homeland Security Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs.APCCO’s website lists APCOC as a subsidiary of the private security firm Kroll.

APCCO is a division of the American International Group (AIG), which has long been under scrutiny for its ties to Iran and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The documents also detail a contract for a new Office of Operations for the Department for Homeland Security (DHS).

The documents say APCO is awarded the $5.5-$6 million contract to work for DHS on “counter-terrorism”.

The contract was awarded to Secured Security Solutions on October 6, 2013.

Secured Solutions is a private security contractor based in Houston, Texas.

Its founder, Peter W. O’Keefe, served as the CIA’s undersecretary for security from 2010 until 2011.APPCo is a subsidiary or subcontractor of Kroll, a private company that has been under investigation for its role in Iran’s illicit nuclear program.

Kroll’s website advertises that its contractors can do “anything from counter-terrorism to disaster relief to cyber defense.”

It was recently reported that the CIA paid Kroll $40 million to provide cybersecurity services to its contractors in 2013, which the company denied.

The Pentagon has also paid Krop-Leyton, which is also part of Secured Services.

The leaked documents reveal that the Office at Homeland Security was originally created to help the Trump administration secure the US homeland.

In April 2012, a $100 million contract was announced for the office.

In May 2013, a separate $2.6 billion contract was also announced.

That contract was for the agency to build a “secure information technology infrastructure” at the DHS and at the Homeland Office of Technology Assessment.

The DHS and DHS-AITA offices will be managed by a single person, acting under a special “director of operations” position.

The director of operations is appointed by the secretary of Homeland Defense.APECO, which operates the Office in Washington and is one of several security contractors that work for the DHS, was contracted to develop the “Secure Operations System” for the National Security Council.

The system was developed under a contract with Kroll and was to be completed by the end of 2016.

The contract was valued at $15.5 billion.APACO, a subsidiary for Kroll that also runs the Office, was also contracted to help with the building of the Office’s Cybersecurity Information Systems Center (CISICS).CISIC is a secure information systems center that was to replace the previous Cybersecurity Operations Center at the Office.

The office’s CISICS will be located at the National Press Club in Washington.