Derma Secret cosmetics, a cosmetics company that has been working to keep cosmetic agents out of their workrooms, announced on Friday that it would be shuttering its doors.

According to Derma’s website, it is closing its doors due to the growing threat of counterfeit products.

The company’s website says that, in the past year, “over 60% of all cosmetics samples we have shipped have been counterfeit.”

The company said that it “is forced to rely on the strength of our own network and its network of distributors to continue our business.”

According to a statement from the company, the shutdown of the company will be temporary and will be rescheduled for the end of March.

Derma is one of several companies that have been targeted by the FBI in recent months, and other companies have been also targeted by anti-fraud law enforcement agencies in recent years.

Last month, the National Security Agency said that the government is monitoring cosmetics companies’ internal networks and has been conducting raids on them in a bid to identify and prosecute counterfeiters.

Dermas is a subsidiary of Cosmetics International, a company that also produces beauty products that include face creams, body scrubs, lotions, and eye creams.

The Cosmetics National Security Task Force is a federal agency with the mission to detect and prevent cybercriminals from accessing or exploiting the computer systems of the U.S. government.

Dermanta is a product of Cosmex International, the parent company of Derma, and Cosmanta, a subsidiary, has partnered with Derma to distribute cosmetics and other personal care products.