Ancient secrets cosmetic is now a reality in the beauty industry, thanks to a new range of beauty products by Australian beauty brand, Elf cosmetics.

The range, called ‘The Ancient Secrets’ is a new collection of products that includes lip balms, eye cream, blush, eye makeup, nail polish and lipsticks.

The brand claims the collection has been developed in collaboration with local beauty professionals and is ‘a unique blend of beauty secrets’.

The product range comes as the Australian Beauty Industry continues to struggle with the changing face of beauty and a growing number of brands are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Elf cosmetics recently opened a new shop in the Victorian capital, and are now selling their beauty products on their website.

It is not the first time a beauty company has taken on the UK’s beauty market.

The company was launched by the Australian cosmetics industry in 2014.

The company recently launched a new line of products called ‘Elvis’ in the United States, and a new fragrance called ‘Sue’ in France.

The new products are available in all major US grocery chains and are sold through the US website,

A spokesperson for the brand told The New Daily that they wanted to launch the new range to encourage the Australian beauty industry to diversify.

“We wanted to show that we’re in the game and that we are going to get to a point where we can make a difference to the face of the beauty market,” the spokesperson said.

“And the more we can do that the better.”

The spokesperson added that it was important to recognise the beauty beauty industry has had to fight to be recognised in Australia.

“You can’t really blame anyone in Australia for wanting to diversise and diversify,” the company spokesperson said, adding that the brand had already begun to work with local cosmetic professionals in Australia to bring their products to market.

“The beauty beauty market is not only about the cosmetic products.

It’s also about the people that work in the cosmetics industry.

There’s a lot of women and men who work in that field.””

It’s a tough market and it’s tough to win over people,” the representative continued.

“The beauty market has to be diversified.”