New Egypt cosmetics brand Maha Maha is now expanding in Egypt.

Maha has now opened a branch in Cairo, and has plans to open a branch of the company in the UAE and Kuwait in the near future.

Maha announced the expansion in a blog post on Thursday, with the company noting that the Egyptian branch will be the “first Egyptian branch to have a permanent presence in the UK.”

Maha also said that the company is looking to expand its reach beyond Egypt in the coming years.

Mahabodys new brand, Maha, will be opening a branch to Egypt in 2019.

The company is launching its brand in Egypt in partnership with beauty brand Siam.

Siam will also be expanding its reach into the Middle Eastern market through the launch of a new beauty line in 2019, which will include the Maha line.

 Maha is currently working on a line of makeup that will go on sale this summer.