Secrets cosmetics is the first and only cosmetics brand to make a full-priced line of makeup without the need for a major cosmetic brand.

The brand, founded in 2010 by Laura and John-Paul, began with a focus on the beauty world and has since expanded to include cosmetics that are specifically for celebrities and fashionistas.

The beauty company has now expanded to encompass the beauty industry, with its newest line of beauty products, the Black Secret Collection, debuting this month at Ulta Beauty.

Laura and John were inspired to create the company after seeing the difference it could make to people with special needs and the world around them.

“People with special interests are not only not allowed to buy cosmetics for themselves but are usually not allowed access to products and are usually denied access to the brands they want,” Laura explained.

This is because brands that are designed for celebrities, or to sell cosmetics to celebrities, often lack ingredients and other essential ingredients.

The brand’s Black Secret cosmetics range is available in three shades of black and three shades green.

It is made up of eight different eye shadow shades, three lipsticks shades, two mascara shades, and a brow pencil shade.

It is also the first cosmetics brand in history to include two different types of mascara.

The first is the “blackest” mascara, which has a “black sheen and a satin finish” and “pinkier” mascara that has “a slightly thinner finish and a slightly more pigmented effect”, according to the company.

Each shade of Black Secret has a unique colour and texture that is achieved through “inorganic chemistry”, which is similar to the process used in the cosmetics industry to produce the cosmetics.

As a result, the products are extremely comfortable to wear, said Laura.

They’re also incredibly lightweight and feel “soft, creamy, and smooth”, she added.

There is also a “totally natural” range of eye shadow and lipstick shades, with each product having a slightly different texture and shade. 

The Black Secret range has a range of high-end products, which include foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and concealer.

For those who don’t like the colour of the products, there is also “a black matte, natural, liquid-to-powder liquid eye shadow”.

The range of products are made by one of the world’s leading beauty brands, and are designed to deliver a range that “makes your skin look and feel amazing, no matter your skin colour, texture, age or size”, according the company’s website.

You can also buy a range including eye shadow, lipstick and concealers at Ultas beauty and wellness centre, and there is a full range of makeup in-store.

While most of the Black Secrets products are exclusive to the beauty and beauty products department at Ultashore, Ultas is also offering a range in their retail stores, including the Black Mystery Collection and Black Secret Eye Pencil Collection.

All of the beauty products are priced at $99 and include a free sample.

If you are looking to make your skin appear flawless and soft without the use of expensive makeup or expensive brushes, then you can purchase Black Secret makeup at and

A sample of Black Mystery is also available for $14.99, which is more than enough for a full size face.

Like Ulta, Ulta also sells a full line of cosmetic products in-stores and in-shops.

One of the most popular makeup products is the Face Mask, which comes in six shades of grey, white, green, red, blue, and purple.

Its base is water-based clay powder, which creates a smooth, even-toned skin texture.

It contains antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radicals, and the ingredient parabens.

Ulta Beauty has a similar line of skin-perfecting beauty products.

Both brands also have beauty studios in their stores and are also available online.