New Jersey Patriots kicker Josh Lambo is a star.

So are the New York Giants kicker Eli Apple and the Houston Texans kicker Justin Tucker.

There are plenty of others who have kicked more field goals and punts, but none has kicked more for the New England Patriots.

The New England team is hoping to celebrate its 20th Super Bowl title in the city that hosted the event in 1996, when the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons.

But the Superdome, which was the home of the Superbowl for the past 20 years, is also home to a number of other superstars.

The Patriots are also hoping to win the AFC East, which has been a thorn in their side all season long.

We are trying to create a buzz for the Superlamps and the Superstars, and we’re also going to be in a great location to see some of the best in the game.

And that’s why the Patriots have set their sights on a brand-new stadium for the game and have already committed more than $5 million to renovate the venue.

That includes the purchase of $1 million of land at the former Astrodome site, which will house the Patriots’ locker room, locker rooms and offices, as well as a brand new locker room.

The Patriots’ renovation will also include the addition of a new sideline that will house a new scoreboard, which the team hopes will make it easier for fans to watch games.

The renovations are part of the Patriots plan to expand their stadium and the team is in the process of setting up the first new practice facility since 1994.

The team is also trying to make the stadium a more welcoming place for the community, a goal the team says will help the Patriots become more of a national team.