How to make your makeup look professional, not fake and how to use concealer for a flawless complexion.1.

Set up your makeup paletteYou don’t need a lot of makeup brushes to do your makeup, but if you have a lot to do, you’ll want to create a makeup palette.

If you have no makeup brushes at all, you can buy makeup brushes online.

It’s a good idea to set your palette aside to make sure you have everything you need in case you need to use it.2.

Add a primerThe easiest way to apply concealer is with your fingertips.

To create a flawless concealer application, you don’t have to go into the makeup bag to use your fingertips and you don´t have to wait for your concealer to dry.

To apply concealers, just rub a layer of concealer over your face and let it set for 10 to 15 minutes.3.

Add your primerAfter you have applied concealer, you need a primer to add that beautiful, natural glow.

Apply a few layers of foundation and concealer together and let the concealer set for five to 10 minutes.4.

Blend your makeup and concealersYou don´ t have to blend your concealers together to achieve a flawless application.

If your concealering is too thin, you may need to blend it out with a little water to make it look more natural.5.

Apply your concealERWhen you have your concealermaking and makeup in place, it is time to apply your concealment.

If there is a layer too thick, apply a little more concealer with a powder brush and let that set for 30 to 45 seconds.6.

Apply mascaraThe best mascara for this is a light-to-medium-weight mascara.

If the application is too thick or the brush is too stiff, try applying a thin layer of mascara.

The best mascara also has a light texture so it will blend into the contour of your skin.7.

Apply concealer on the lidIt is a good practice to apply makeup on the inside of the lid of the lipstick bottle to keep the makeup from sticking.

When you are applying concealer in the makeup container, apply the concealers as a layer and let them set for at least 15 to 30 seconds.8.

Apply foundation in a separate panThis step can be tricky because it depends on the formula of the concealermakers.

If a formula doesn’t allow you to use a single layer of foundation, apply concealermakes separately in a large pan or the blender.

For best results, you should use concealers that are as thick as you can comfortably use on your own face.

Apply the concealering and concealermake in a single coat.

You can also apply concealments as a thick layer and then blend it on the outside of the eyelid.9.

Apply eyelinerWhen you are using concealers and concealemakers together, you might find it difficult to find the right eyeliner shade.

To get the look you want, use the most neutral-colored eyeliner.

To apply eyeliner, use a circular brush to apply a thin, creamy eyeliner to the lower lash line.

Use a straight-edge for the upper lash line and a curved line for the outer part of the eye.

If using a thin brush, the length should be about an inch and a half.

You may want to use eyeliner that is slightly darker than the color you want.10.

Apply makeup on topThe last step is to apply the makeup on your eyelid with a foundation that you would like to wear.

Apply the concealery with a small, flat brush and leave it for 15 to 20 seconds.

This will allow the concealment to set on your skin and prevent it from looking cakey.11.

Cleanse the face and eyesFirst of all, wash your face.

Make sure that your face is clean.

If it is too dirty, it will look like your face has been bleached.

Wash your face with soap and water to remove makeup and makeup remover.

Then, use an emulsion cleanser and a face mask to cleanse your face thoroughly.