The world has long known that hair can be dyed.

Now, it’s possible to create a black-and-tan-colored hair dye from scratch with a little help from your makeup.

A new salon chain, Secret Cosmetic Products, is trying to do the same thing with a product that is a mix of cosmetics and hair products.

The product is a new line of hair products that contains a natural product that’s used to color and create hair products and shampoos, according to the company.

“Secret Cosmetic Products offers unique products with unique properties, like natural, color-correcting, and hair-softening ingredients,” according to a press release.

In the press release, Secret Cosmetics founder and CEO Mariah Haddad said that the product is made with “all natural ingredients and formulated to be gentle and effective on the skin.”

“We take pride in creating products that are safe for use, safe for the skin, and that can be easily absorbed,” Haddaddad added.

For $40, customers can choose from six different products, including a black or tan-colored shampoo, a hair product, a body wash, a makeup brush, and a hair color.

Each product comes with a $2.50 shipping fee and a $50 “Secret Gift Certificate” to the store.

The store also offers an additional gift certificate for customers who buy four or more products. 

Secret Cosmetic products are currently only available for orders shipped to the United States.

The company says it will be expanding its online store and expanding its international reach.

The salon chain is hoping to have a presence in Israel by the end of the year.