An Israeli cosmetics company has unveiled a secret recipe for creating “perfectly pigmented” cosmetics for women, one that will be widely available online.

The company, Secret Cosmetics Ltd., launched its product in the New York Times Magazine on Tuesday, revealing its secret formula that combines the pigments of a natural pigment called aloe vera, along with a special mineral.

“The secret ingredient is the special mineral aloe that grows in the soil, so it’s natural and sustainable,” the company said in a statement.

Secret Cosmetics said the product can be used for a wide range of skin types, from dry skin to fine, oily skin.

It said it would launch a similar product in China soon, which would be available to the public for $20, and would be sold exclusively online. 

The products’ unique properties, including the ability to hydrate and hydrate to the touch, have drawn some criticism for being “too artificial”, especially in terms of its pigments.

In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the dangers of cosmetics, saying they “aren’t the natural beauty products you want”.

“They are not the ones you want for your skin, they are the ones that cause problems,” he said.

However, the Israeli cosmetics industry is not the only one to face criticism over the ingredients used in cosmetics. 

In April, The Independent reported that the Chinese cosmetics industry was suffering from a lack of quality control in the cosmetics industry.

Earlier this year, a US senator told the House of Representatives that “the Chinese cosmetics market is the biggest for drugs and pharmaceuticals in the world”.

A number of cosmetics brands have been accused of misleading consumers and using artificial ingredients.

Many have been criticised for using ingredients with a known toxicological hazard, and have also been accused for using a highly artificial pigmentation.