is the best way to make sex toys, experts agree article With sex toys still being seen as the “thing to do” for some, the idea of a sex toy that’s not only fun to play with but also provides a reliable way to provide pleasure is appealing to many.

But experts at the Sex Toy Technology Institute, a trade group, warn against using the term “sex toy” as a generic term, saying it implies a product is just something you can buy.

Instead, experts recommend using the word “sex robot” for any sex toy designed to replicate the physical characteristics of human beings.

“We believe there is no reason that a sex robot should not be sex toy,” said Steve Cates, the institute’s executive director.

“A sex robot has to be sex and it should be comfortable, it should have a physical component.

If you’re going to call something sex, you have to use the word ‘sex.'”

It’s a medical device that can give someone pain relief. “

It’s not a toy.

It’s a medical device that can give someone pain relief.

You can’t just say it’s a sex tool.”

Cates said the word sex should be used to refer to a “sex” object, not just a “product.”

“If you look at the different terms for sex, it’s really important to use one or the other.

It has to relate to something.

It can’t be something that you just want,” he said.”

If we don’t talk about sex, there’s no conversation.”

The Institute has a list of products it wants to see on the market, including ones that use the same kind of electronics as the Sex Robot, which could include sex toys that mimic human anatomy and can include sensors and motors.

Cates suggested people buy a sex-themed toy that is sex-safe for everyone, rather than a toy that they’re “trying to buy.”

“There are a lot of toys that people want that are just really not safe,” he added.

“I want to be sure that my friends don’t have to think twice about what they’re getting into because there are things out there that can be a little unsafe.”

If you have a question about a topic, please contact the Sex Technology Institute.