The Secret Island cosmetics boutique in Sonoma County is opening a new line of products for the holiday season, and it is the latest in a string of cosmetics stores to launch their own line of cosmetic secrets.

The shop, which is located in the city of Napa, will debut its newest line of secret products at the Sonoma City Fair on Saturday, said Stephanie Fossey, a co-owner of the store.

The store’s signature product, which Fosey said she had developed for her daughter, will be a “specialized, super-performance mask,” which is designed to allow customers to wear for up to a month without feeling tired or tired.

She said she expects that mask to be available at retail stores throughout the state by the end of January.

Fossey said the store’s secret secret product will cost $30, which will be included in the retail price of the mask.

“We really want to give people something special, something they can wear for longer periods of time,” Fosseys said.

“I’m excited about what this product has to offer.”

The Sonoma Cosmetics boutique is one of three new Sonoma-based cosmetics shops in the area.

The other two are at The Bistro in Santa Rosa and The Beauty Store in Santa Cruz.

Frossey said that in addition to her daughter’s new mask, the store will be introducing new makeup products.

“It’s a really fun, new concept,” she said.

“This is a great way for Sonoma to take the first steps in bringing more beauty to the Sonomans.

I think it’s going to be a really good product for everyone.”

Sonoma City Cosmetics opened its doors in April and opened a second store in Sonora in May.FOSsey said her daughter has not yet been able to get the new mask because it is not in stock.

She said she will be offering a special “secret” mask that is only available to store employees and that the mask will cost less than the retail mask.

Sonoma city Fair will be held at the Napa Civic Center from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., with the Santa Cruz City Fair at 1:30 to 2 a.g.

The Sonoma Fair will have live music.

The first two stores in Sonomas market, The Beauty Shop and The Bistsro, have closed.

Fosseys sonoma city cosmetics store is the second Sonoma cosmetic boutique.