The secret behind a mascara that is invisible and looks amazing, but doesn’t smudge, is hidden inside the brush.

The secret behind the mascara is inside the bristles and the tiny brush.

This can be used to apply a brush with a brush that has the same bristles as the mascara itself.

But what makes this magic?

The secret is the small bristles.

It’s a little thing called microfiber, and it’s found in all sorts of cosmetics, including cosmetics, skincare and hair products.

Microfiber bristles are so small that they can be hidden inside small creams, powders and sprays.

And because of their small size, they are also easy to wipe off.

And when they are dry, they do not smudge or smear on your skin, even if they do have tiny bristles, making them invisible.

The idea is that when you brush the brush with your fingers, it brushes in tiny droplets of microfibres that can be absorbed into the brush, creating the illusion of smudging.

This trick is even better than it sounds.

It takes some practice to use, but it’s not difficult.

The secret lies in the small size of the bristls.

If you use a tiny brush, you can create a microfacet of microfine particles that are tiny enough to be absorbed by your fingers.

And when you wipe off the microfres, you have a small layer of smudge that you can easily wipe off with your finger.

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