The Prakash Goyal-led Government of India has announced a programme for cosmetics to “pray to God” for products which are perceived to be harmful to the skin.

The scheme, launched by Minister of State for Cosmetics Prakat Singh, is aimed at increasing awareness among cosmetics manufacturers and retailers about the adverse effects of certain cosmetic products on the skin, The Hindu reported.

The Government also wants to encourage companies to develop products to protect the skin from the skin-care industry.

A total of 13 products have been identified by the Government as causing skin irritation.

The products are: Kava Kava Kombi,  Ganash Kombi Kampi Chai, Granit, Vegel, Puja, Asevapara, Rabhi, Kalki, Mulch, Jain and Sushumna.

The Ministry has asked cosmetics manufacturers to produce an awareness campaign on these products, which it will distribute to all the major Indian beauty and home products manufacturers.

The campaign will be conducted by advertising campaigns, media, and in-store and online marketing.

The Department of Cosmetics has asked all cosmetic companies to submit a copy of the campaign, which will be reviewed by the Ministry, for approval.

According to the Government, the campaign will help cosmetics manufacturers understand the potential impact of their products on their customers.

It has also asked cosmetic manufacturers to consider the possibility of creating an awareness and education campaign for the general public.

The ministry also directed the Centre to create an awareness programme for the cosmetics industry on its website, through the use of the Facebook page Cosmetics India, which has over 5.4 lakh followers. 

The campaign is expected to be completed by February 2017. 

This is in line with the recommendations of the National Cosmetic and Health Survey conducted by the government earlier this year.