Sierra Cosmetics is no longer selling its famous “secret” shade of makeup for men, according to a new report. 

“Sierra Cosmetics has discontinued its ‘secret’ shade of lipstick for men in the US, and all products now carry a warning about their potential for harm to the skin,” the Associated Press reports. 

While the statement doesn’t mention the name of the lipstick, the company is known for releasing a range of products that contain ingredients that are linked to skin cancer. 

Last year, the cosmetics company revealed a new lipstick called “The Lasting Kiss” in the UK, and in the United States, the brand’s products include the “Sierra Secret” and “Shesh” lipstick. 

As a result, the “secret lipstick” is no more.

“We’re sorry to inform you that we no longer sell this shade of our lipstick, which is an iconic brand signature shade, for men,” Sierra Cosmashes said in a statement to The Wall St. Journal.

“We have never sold it, and never will.

We thank you for your support and hope to bring you new products soon.”

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