By Kim ZetterbergThe secret cosmetics industry is big business, and it’s a huge one.

While it’s hard to quantify how much money there is, a new survey conducted by Beauty Lab and the beauty industry trade group, The Beauty Association, shows that a staggering $3.3 billion is spent each year on secret cosmetics.

The survey of nearly 2,000 beauty professionals, and the most comprehensive ever conducted on secret beauty, found that more than half of women surveyed have purchased or used a secret makeup product at least once. 

The survey also found that nearly one-third of the women surveyed had used a concealer or lip product with secret ingredients, and another 29 percent had used at least one secret lipstick with secret ingredient.

While cosmetics sales have been falling over the past several years, the beauty business has continued to boom, and many of the same secrets are still used today. 

According to The Beauty Lab survey, women who use cosmetics as a concealers, lip products, and concealers are more likely to purchase and use more than women who purchase or use concealers as a base.

 The Beauty Association also surveyed more than 3,000 women and found that a quarter of women use lip balm, lip gloss, and even mascara as a foundation or concealer.

The women who buy cosmetics as concealers or lipsticks are more than twice as likely to have purchased concealers and lipsticks, while the women who purchased concealer-based products are more inclined to purchase concealers.

The Beauty Lab’s survey also showed that women who have used lipsticks and lip products as concealer, lip balms, and foundation were more likely than women with no products to have bought concealers by using concealer as a cover.

But what about the cosmetics that actually do contain secret ingredients?

According to a study published in March by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the cosmetics industry does have a few secret ingredients that are still being sold in some forms.

In addition to the most common ingredients found in secret cosmetics (and products marketed as secret) are: