Exclusive, Russia’s Ministry of Health has approved the use of a “secret cosmetic company” to offer facial cleansers for Russia’s top-selling beauty brands.

The company, Cosmowave, has offices in Russia and China.

The cosmetics giant says it offers facial cleanser products for $40 per 1.5-ounce bottle.

The Russian government also announced a pilot program in the first two months of 2017 for facial masks that could be purchased for $10.

Cosmowaave has been approved by the Ministry of health for use in Russia, and is expected to be ready for the market by the end of June.

According to the company, it is working to develop the technology that could reduce facial acne by 80 percent, and reduce skin irritations by 50 percent.

The masks are available in several colors and are intended for the elderly and the disabled.

The facial masks are sold in pharmacies in Russia.

The ministry’s approval came in a notice published on its website.

The announcement follows a meeting of the country’s top dermatologists earlier this month in which top doctors expressed concern about the use in the country of cosmetics marketed as a “personal care” product.

The notice also says that Cosmoweave’s mask is available in pharmacies.

The Health Ministry’s decision came after a meeting last month in Beijing between representatives of the cosmetics industry and the ministry.

Cosmopave has reportedly received approval from the Russian government for the use as a facial mask.

The application was first reported by the state-owned Rossiya-24 news agency.

The cosmopave company’s website is listed as an agent of Cosmokeave, and the website boasts that it has been providing a safe and effective means for removing facial acne for the past four decades.

The website also boasts that the masks are free and can be applied in a matter of minutes.

Cosmsawave has already been approved for use as facial masks in China, which also has a large cosmetics market.

The Chinese government has also issued similar approval for Cosmawave masks in 2016.