Six-and-a-half-year old Emily Brown has been carrying around mascara for almost her entire life.

But it was the birth of her daughter, Cassie, that changed everything.

The six-yearold was born with cystic fibrosis and she’s been battling for a long time to find a cure.

“My mum has always been very supportive of my sister and me growing up,” Emily Brown, now eight, told BuzzFeed News.

“She’s really supportive of me and I’m happy to be able to have the support of my mum and she can go out there and support me.”

So, for the first time in her life, Emily Brown and her mother were able to make the switch to a prescription-only mascara.

“We thought about trying to use it as a therapy tool and just help us understand what it feels like,” Emily said.

“But we weren’t able to find it.

So we thought it would be great to get it on the NHS.”

When Emily Brown’s mum found out that she had cystic Fibrosis, she couldn’t imagine what it would mean for her little girl.

“The first time I saw Cassie in the hospital, it was really scary,” Emily explained.

“The nurse said, ‘You’ve got to have this medication on you, otherwise you’re going to die’.”

Emily has since been using the mascara to help treat the disease.

“It has helped me a lot to get through the last few months,” Emily added.

“It’s really helped me with the depression and anxiety.

It’s helped me feel better about my little sister.”

The brand’s newest mascara is called Nourishing Lash, which uses the world’s most powerful formula of high-tech nanoparticles to treat all types of skin conditions, including cystic cysts, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

“Nourishing Nail provides a natural, natural product to help the hair follicles grow and to protect the hair from bacteria and infection,” the brand said.

“This product is clinically proven to treat cystic conditions and other conditions, such as psorosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and acne.”

The mascara comes in a variety of colours, including a neutral red, white, and black.

There are a number of other features like a special micro-fibre brush for extra precision, a unique brush that uses a specially formulated, bio-friendly gel for a more natural look and an extra-strong bristles for extra durability.

“When you look at this mascara, it’s not a mascara you just slap on your face,” Emily told BuzzFeed.

“We’re not wearing a mascara.

We’re wearing this mascara.

That’s it.

We feel so proud of it.”

The product costs £3.50 per tube.