FourFourSeconds ago, we were excited to announce that a new fragrance from L’Oreal called Shake and Bake will be available in Spring 2017!

This fragrance was inspired by the beauty of the Spring, and combines essential oils with the flavors of traditional perfume oils. 

For more information on this fragrance, visit the L’Oréal website here.

Here is the official press release: The Spring fragrance of L’ORÉAL is inspired by flowers, herbs and fruits, and the fragrances of the seasons. 

This fragrance combines traditional perfumes with a floral fragrance to create an exciting new blend. 

The fragrance comes in three types: Lemon and Rose, Aging Rose and Blackened Rose, and Ages of Amber and Vanilla. 

L’Orèal’s signature rose scent is inspired by a floral flower, a floral garden, and an old-fashioned perfume shop. 

Inspired by the blossoms and fragrance of the spring season, the fragrance is also made from essential oils of the rose family. 

A blend of the aromatic oils of roses, lavender, clary sage and thyme, this fragrance is a unique, feminine fragrance that celebrates the fragrant qualities of the flowers, plants and soil. 

Each fragrance in the Spring collection includes five essential oils and five fragrance scents. 

In addition, each fragrance is packaged in a small container, making it easy to conceal or wear, while offering the fragrance’s unique fragrance with a unique scent. 

You can find L’ Oréal Spring 2017 at the Lionel Miro Shop, and at L.A. Noire Shop.