I had to take my eyes off the news of Sierra Secrets cosmetics’ imminent launch to learn more about what’s inside.

The new line of products is expected to hit stores in late summer.

This is the second time the brand has released an “official” launch date.

Sierra has launched a line of beauty products that debuted in May, but the brand is planning a launch for the summer months of July and August, with a full line expected to debut in October.

The new line is being made possible by a partnership with the Chinese manufacturer, who will produce all Sierra Secret products in the United States.

The brand also recently teamed up with a major beauty brand, Estée Lauder, to launch a line that combines both brands’ products.

“We are so excited to partner with Estée to bring our new line to consumers around the country,” Sierra founder and CEO Sarah Pender said in a statement.

“Estée Lauder is the leader in natural and innovative beauty and we know this partnership with Estee will be a great fit for us.”

Estée has already released a few of the company’s products in China, including a line featuring natural ingredients such as avocado oil and green tea.

Pender told The Next World that she hopes to add a full-size sunscreen to the brand’s lineup as well.

Sierra Secret has also launched a range of products that are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.

The brand’s first product, the Skinny Stick, features a blend of organic ingredients, including cocoa butter and coconut oil.

“It’s super creamy and lightweight, with the perfect balance of natural and synthetic ingredients to help protect your skin and boost your complexion,” Sierra Secret’s description reads.

The Skinny stick comes in a compact size and is expected for a release in the spring.