Luxury beauty brands are looking to expand their portfolio of products that are affordable and offer a deeper, more luxurious experience for consumers.

This month, the brand launched its premium line, Sweet Secrets.

The $4,000-a-month premium will go on sale in November for $9.99.

The new line will be available for $14.99 for women and $16.99 on men.

Sweet Secrets also released its own line of luxury cosmetics, the Sweet Secrets Beauty Pack, which is available at select beauty retailers for $20 a pop.

The Sweet Secrets beauty packs are available in a wide range of colors, from black and white to shimmery coral and ivory.

“As our brand expands into new areas of its cosmetics portfolio, we’re exploring the possibility of offering more premium options,” Sweet Secrets said in a statement.

“We believe consumers are ready for more value in the beauty industry, and this is just one more example of how we’re taking our beauty experience to the next level.”

This year, Sweet Secret Beauty Pack launches in Canada and will roll out nationwide in the fall.

Sweet Secret also has a partnership with the beauty company Kiehl’s, which will allow its beauty brands to advertise on their websites.

Sweet Secrets Beauty Packs will be launched exclusively on the Kiell’s website.

The cosmetics will be offered in the following color combinations: blue, coral, coral coral, light green, teal, pink, turquoise, teals, teas, pink and white.

The packaging for the packaging will be different from Sweet Secrets’ existing beauty packs, which have included limited-edition makeup, fragrances, makeup brushes, and skin care products.