By: Lauren MacKinnon/Bleacher ReportThe secret makeup that’s on sale for a few bucks is a true beauty treasure trove, if you ask us.

With the price tag of $4.99, the best-selling beauty secrets have become a little bit of a no-brainer for us.

We have tested all of the brands mentioned above and have seen some pretty crazy results, but we can’t resist the chance to get our hands on one of these.

The secret makeup will make you look like a supermodel, and it’s also great for your skin tone and overall appearance.

We’re going to go with L’Oreal as our test subject, because the formula is the perfect blend of rich color, shimmer, and luminosity.

The shimmery, deep purple makes your makeup look amazing, and the formula itself is incredibly rich.

You can use this formula on your face and on your lips and cheeks and even on your brows, and you’ll feel like a princess.

L’Oréal Secret Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Rose is available for $4, but if you want to get the best results, we highly recommend using this formula first on your cheeks and lips and then on your eyebrows and lash lines.

It’s so pigmented, it gives you that soft glow that only the best lip gloss can achieve.

We’ll be honest, we didn’t find the formula to be too strong on our cheeks, but it did give us a very noticeable glow and gave our cheeks that “wow” look.

We definitely didn’t notice the difference between the two formulas on our lips, but the color of the lipstick was very different on our pink cheeks than on our blue lips.

It wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but both were pretty close.

The formula is also very moisturizing, which means it won’t dry out your lips.

We used it on our face, on our brows and on our eyebrows, and we absolutely loved it!

The only issue with this formula is that it’s not super creamy.

It doesn’t feel thick on the cheeks and doesn’t give you a lot of shine on your cheekbones.

It has a slightly thicker consistency than other secret beauty products, which is good if you have sensitive skin.

However, this formula was very moisturized, which made it easy to apply, and because it is so creamy, it also felt like it was going to last forever.

The only thing that bothered us was the texture, but this was a small thing that we found to be an issue for most of us.

L’Orèal Secret Nature Beauty Liquid Eye Shadow in Rose ($4.49) is our favorite.

This liquid lipstick has a matte finish that gives a really nice, rich color that you can use for the entire day.

The texture is soft and silky, which really gives the look of an oiled, matte finish on your eyes.

This formula feels very moisturizable, which helps to make it easy for you to apply on your lashes.

The consistency is a little thicker than some of the other formulas on the market, but you can still use it on your eyelashes and it doesn’t leave a lot on your skin.

We didn’t have any trouble with it staying on the eyelashes, but for most people, we’d recommend getting it onto your eyes first.

The only problem we had with this product was the color on our cheekbones, which was a bit of an issue.

It was definitely not a highlight in the way that some of these other formulas are, but not a huge deal.

This was definitely a standout for us on our test, but just because it was a highlight, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a highlight forever.

Lactate Free Lipsicle is a great, low-pigmentation formula for your lips that doesn’t irritate your lips when you apply it.

The product comes in a convenient container, which you can grab right away.

This is our new favorite lip liner.

It had a slight shine to it, but was a nice shade.

We actually love this lip liner because it has a great texture, is very pigmented and stays on all day long.

We think it looks great on our lids too, because it gives our lips a bit more definition and a more rounded look.

L.A. Organics Lipskin Lip Gloss in Black ($4) is another good, affordable secret beauty product.

It comes in an easy-to-use tube and is also available for an extra $2.50.

It is also made of a matte, oil-free formula that is very easy to use.

It gives a nice glow to your lips, and even gives you a little glow on your nose.

This lip gloss has a nice, medium-toop color that is a very nice blend of dark, matte and medium shades.

It feels very comfortable on the lips, which are naturally dry, and is not too greasy on your fingers.