What are some of the best and worst cosmetics secrets you’ve ever heard?

Here are 10.1 from The Washington Times.1.

It helps to wear sunscreen.

If you are a person with acne, or sensitive skin, this might not be a secret.

It’s definitely worth thinking about it.2.

The best makeup can be applied by mixing a small amount of oil with a small quantity of water.

Apply a thin layer on the face and let it sit for about five minutes, then pat it onto the forehead.

It may take several hours, but it works.3.

If it’s a dark color, try mixing the same amount of powder with a darker shade.

You can also use a white or light color as an emulsion.

It won’t really work, but you’ll feel the difference.4.

It’ll help to put a mask over your eyes.

If your eyes are a little red, it’s probably a good idea to go with a red eye mask, because that’s where the redness will be, according to The Washington Sun.5.

It can help if you’re not sure if your eyes need a full-face look.

Try a few different shades of foundation.6.

It also can help to apply your mascara.

This will make your lashes look longer, but make sure it’s not too heavy.7.

It doesn’t hurt to apply eyeliner, because it’ll make your eyes look fuller.8.

If a lot of makeup is on your face, try blending it in with a little of a blush.

That way, you’ll have a lighter, more natural look.9.

You may want to use a mask if your skin is dry or oily.

If so, it can help give your skin a more moisturized look.10.

Use a highlighter for darker skin tones.

This makes the skin feel less oily and gives you a more natural, even-toned glow.11.

You don’t need to be worried about getting a lot to your face in one night.

Just a bit, at least, and you can wear it a few more times before you need to reapply it.12.

If the makeup you are wearing makes you look like you have a lot on your skin, try using a different color.

If not, you can try a different one.

It might help.13.

If an eyeliner is on you, you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask.

It just might make it look more natural and less distracting.14.

If that’s the case, just dab a little onto your forehead to create a more even, even skin tone.15.

If there’s a problem with the formula, you could apply a few drops of liquid lipstick.

It will help the color, but also create more of a shimmer effect.