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What is a secret kiss?

In an interview with Elle UK, L’Oreal Paris Paris Fashion Designer Yvonne Gautier explained the beauty secrets behind their new Secret Kiss mascara and lipgloss.

The secret behind secret kisses is “I’m so beautiful that I don’t know where I’m supposed to be.”

Gautiers’ Secret Kiss is a mascara that has been specifically formulated to look like a kiss between two lips.

The result is that the lipstick and lipstick base blend together, creating a new look that is “very unique.”

Gauts lips are also very different than the ones we’ve seen on Instagram or on makeup tutorials, which means that the formula on Secret Kiss isn’t the same on both lips.

“We’re not trying to emulate the lips, we’re trying to make them a little more unique and special,” Gautiessecret Kiss co-founder Kristine LeBlanc told Elle.

“We’re trying something different for our lips and we’re also trying to create a lip gloss.”

The formula is a little different on Secret Kitten, which is also a new product from the brand.

It’s called a Kiss for a Kiss, and it’s actually a lip balm that is designed to mimic the lips of the two women.

Secret Kittens formula is made of coconut oil, avocado oil, beeswax, bees wax, bees comb and natural bees wax.

Gautieres Secret Kiss lip gloss has a slightly different formula than Secret Killa, which also uses beeswick and coconut oil.

The product is currently only available in stores.

Secret Kiss’ formula looks similar to the lipsticks L’ Oréal is currently releasing, but it’s more unique.

It has a softer, more matte finish and is a bit more matte on the lips.

The lipstick has a metallic bronze hue, but its formula is more metallic, too.

It also has a very subtle, slightly metallic shimmer to it.

The lipstick base is a slightly metallic silver, which makes it look more like a metallic metallic finish.

The lips also have a slightly more glossy finish.

Gautier’s Secret Katch is available in a full-sized, matte lip gloss, and is available for $25.

The $15.50 matte lipstick is a smaller, more wearable version of the lipstick.

The matte lipsticks are available at Sephora, Sephorel, Ulta, Wet n Wild and Sephort.

Secret Katch lipstick is available at the Sephoretique boutique in New York City.