Malaysia is known for having the highest percentage of allergic patients in the world.

But what about the average Malaysian, and is it safe to use the mascara at all?

We asked dermatologists from the country’s biggest cosmetic and hair salon chains to share their top tips for the most sensitive skin.

We found that most people are fine using a mascara at the recommended dosage, but there are some who will have allergic reactions if their skin is sensitive.

These people should always be told to stop using the product immediately.

The best time to stop is when you have no skin sensitivity, or you have very severe skin conditions.

For some people, they can stop using mascara for only a few hours at a time, depending on the severity of their condition.

The good news is that the amount of time you can leave on a product will depend on your skin type and skin type of the person you are treating.

If you have severe skin condition such as eczema, you should stop using it as soon as possible, especially if you’re using it daily, as it can cause inflammation and redness.

If your condition is milder or milder, then you might be able to leave on the product for a few minutes and then return.

If you’ve got more severe skin problems, then it’s best to stop and re-apply the product as often as possible.

We also found that using a brush is the most effective way to use mascara.

The brush will help to create a thin film over your skin, and you can use it for hours.

You can also use it to remove the mascara from your eyes.

When using a lotion, you can apply it a few times at a single time to remove any mascara and to cleanse your skin.

You also can use the brush to remove mascara from the lashes.

Makeup companies use lotion on their mascaras to remove all traces of mascara from them.

However, the use of a mascara can be more effective for some people.

For people with severe allergies or eczemas, a mascara is the least effective option for them.

It will leave a film over the eyelashes, and it will not completely remove the problem.

If the person has sensitive skin or ecchymosis, then a mascara will not be enough to remove it.

If it’s the person with eczemia, they will need a second type of product to remove them.

We’ve also heard that some people have to use a different type of mascara for each type of skin condition.

People with dry skin are best to use mascarashes that are a combination of two or more products, while people with oily skin can use a mascara with both water and a lotus leaf as the base.

For sensitive skin, the best way to apply mascara is with a moisturizer or moisturizing cream.

If using a cream, you will want to use it at the beginning and end of your day, and be careful not to apply it too soon after you apply your moisturizer.

A mascara will help you to get rid of the mascara, so you should use it a lot and never let it dry out.

You should also avoid using it while you’re breastfeeding or trying to have a baby.

For these reasons, it is important to keep your lashes on for longer than usual, and not to wear mascara with other products on your face or around your eyes at the same time.

Mascara may also be a good alternative to other products that are not specifically for sensitive skin like conditioners, lipsticks, and facial scrubs.

Miscaras can be harmful, and they can cause allergic reactions, so it is always important to talk to your doctor if you are unsure about the use or potential risks.

You may want to consult with a dermatologist before purchasing a mascara if you have any serious skin issues or allergies.

Malaysia is known as one of the most diverse countries in the region, with different ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

The country is home to many languages, and some people are also from other countries, such as Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

There are also some foreign languages spoken, including Arabic, Chinese, Tagalog, and Malay.

We asked our dermatologists what they think is the healthiest way to wear a mascara, and how to best avoid allergic reactions.