Seven secrets cosmetics that you probably don’t know about in Malaysia.1.

L’Oreal, The Last Beauty Secret is the first product ever launched by the company.2.

Covergirl, The Best Beauty Secret in the World was launched by Covergirl in 2004.3.

Makeup Secret, The Ultimate Beauty Secret was launched in 1998.4.

Mizon, The Most Perfect Beauty Secret for Every Face Shape is the perfect foundation for every face shape.5.

CoverGirl, The Secret to Perfecting a Perfect Pore is the best foundation ever made.6.

Lush, The Secrets of Perfect Skin Tone is the only foundation that lasts forever.7.

Glamour, The Perfect Lip Stain is the secret to achieving a flawless, perfectly matte lip color.8.

Sephora, The Top 10 Essential Beauty Secrets are the best foundations for every skin type.9.

LVMH, The Luxury Beauty Secrets for Your Face and Body are the most perfect cosmetics for your face and body.10.

Clinique, The Beauty Secrets of Your Lips are the secret for getting a flawless lips color and staying matte.