Egypt’s Supreme Council of Beauty and the Secret Service have announced that they will stop selling the cosmetics and fragrances of the newly crowned Queen of Egypt, with some products even being refused.

The council, made up of Egypt’s most powerful officials, announced on Thursday that they would stop selling products made by Victorias Secret Garden cosmetics brand, and all other Victorias brands.

“This decision is not an act of discrimination, nor is it a denial of a person’s rights to freedom of expression and expression of opinion,” the council said.

“The council decided that this decision does not reflect any intention to discriminate or to deny a person the right to freedom from discrimination.

The announcement comes after the Egyptian government banned Victorias cosmetics brand in May last year, accusing them of selling products that are “irresponsible, harmful and dangerous”.

In a statement on Thursday, the Secret Services of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain accused Victorias of selling counterfeit cosmetics, accusing it of trying to use its influence to gain access to the Egyptian market.

According to the statement, Victorias is one of the world’s biggest luxury cosmetic brands and sells over 5 million products every year.”

The Secret Services’ decision to stop selling Victorias products is a sign of the strength of our commitment to uphold the freedom of the Egyptian people to express their opinion, while upholding their fundamental rights,” said Al-Azhar University’s deputy vice president, Ibrahim Badawi.

The ban on Victorias brand came after the government banned other luxury brands in May, after a report revealed that the company’s products are “incompatible with modern morals and ethical standards”, and are “highly addictive”.

The move comes as the new head of the royal family, Mohammed Morsi, was announced in March, as he is the first member of the ruling military council to take the oath of office, following the ouster of the country’s first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi was named as the first Muslim head of state by the Supreme Council.

The new head, Mohammed al-Tayeb, will also be the first president to have a female commander in the Egyptian military, following Mubarak’s resignation.

The government has since ordered security services to stop any security operations against Victorias stores and other Victoria-related properties, after the country became the first country to ban the cosmetics company from entering the country.