Some products, like makeup, are still priced higher than they were a year ago.

But the trend has been growing over the past few years.

The average price of a cosmetic or hair product rose by $3.49 per $1,000 spend last year to $26.75 from $25.75 a year earlier, according to the Beauty and Cosmetics Council of Canada.

In 2017, consumers spent more than $4,200 on makeup and $3,900 on hair products.

But those prices increased only slightly from 2016.

The difference between the two is because there was an increase in the cost of ingredients, which is what has been driving up the cost.

The price increase on products is not a reflection of an increase overall, said Jennifer Wozniak, president of the cosmetics and hair service at The Beauty Shop.

But it’s more a reflection that there are a lot more people using products that are not as great as the products that were last year, she said.

“The cost of a product, which has gone up so much over the last couple of years, and that’s really a reflection, is not the only thing,” she said, adding the cost can be even higher for older people.

The beauty industry has also seen a boom in the use of artificial coloring agents in the past year.

Many people are looking to use natural colors for their hair and skin.

“We have an endless supply of ingredients that we can use to give that extra sheen to our skin, and natural colors are so popular that they’re a natural choice,” said Heather Ellington, a makeup artist from Victoria, B.C.

Ellington has been using natural coloring agents for years, so she has seen a big shift in the makeup industry.

“People are looking for things that they’ve seen before, things that are better for them and for their skin.

So the natural products that we’re using now are not so bad,” she added.”

It’s really not that we’ve made a lot of progress,” said Ellingtons mother, who asked to be identified by her last name, Rose.

“It’s just that we are more aware of the things that we want to change, and we’re more aware that the beauty products that people are using now aren’t necessarily good for us.”

The industry has seen other changes too.

For example, many beauty products are now made with more natural ingredients.

This has led to more people purchasing more natural products.

“That means people are buying natural products, because they’re less concerned with the ingredients they’re using and more concerned about their skin,” said Dr. Julie Bensch, an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Nursing.

“The trend is that people want products that have more natural materials in them.”

A more healthy trend is to buy less processed and high-priced products.

For instance, the majority of products are organic, so they don’t contain artificial ingredients.

But some people are choosing to buy more natural, locally sourced products.

In 2018, the average price for a $100 lipstick rose by 2.5 per cent to $7.59.

A $70 lipgloss rose by 4.9 per cent.