In a move that has been applauded by the cosmetics industry, Victoria Secret has unveiled its newest beauty products line, Secret Kiss.

Secret Kiss has a name that seems a little odd: It’s a secret lipstick line for those who are not necessarily drawn to the product or the brand.

The secret lipstick is meant to give a “smile,” and not to actually give a lip gloss.

It’s also a lip color that goes on like an eyeliner or concealer.

That makes it perfect for those with dry lips or those who don’t want to get a lip job.

The new line will debut in February at select stores in the U.S. and Canada.

You can find it on the Victoria Secret website and select online retailers, but I won’t give it a full review here, since the brand is also releasing a new “secret” lipstick at this time.

But it’s still worth noting that Secret Kiss is an exclusive lipstick.

And that’s where I think the line comes in.

While Victoria Secret says the secret lipsticks will not be available in stores or online, I think they are a great idea for people who like to experiment with their looks without going out and buying lipstick.

The line will be available exclusively at the retail locations.

The lipsticks in Secret Kiss come in a variety of shades, but the darker shades will be a big hit for those looking for a bold lip.

There are four shades in the Secret Kiss collection.

I love the orange and pink, so I’m going to be picking up the purple and white.

Secret Kiss will also be available at select retail outlets.

For the record, the formula on these lipsticks is a lot better than the lip gloss in the original Secret Kiss lipstick.

This makes the line a little more comfortable to wear.

A lot of lipsticks I’ve worn over the years have been a little too shiny, and it’s always been a problem with my lips.

With Secret Kiss, I’m really glad they’ve done away with that.

If you like the look of a lip, you’ll love the matte-coated lipsticks, too.

I like the matte finish because I can wear them in the shower or when I want to take them off to go for a swim.

They look pretty, too, but they are actually less pigmented than the standard matte lipstick.

I love the look that the new Secret Kiss lipsticks give.

And if you’re like me, who loves wearing lipstick and loves getting a little shine, then you’ll probably also like the color and texture.

My favorite secret lipstick was actually the blue and green.

I loved the color because it was light and soft, which is always nice to have in a lipstick.

I also really like the texture of the lipstick because it feels like a lip balm.

The colors are a bit on the pink side, but that’s just how I like them.

I find the blue-and-green lipsticks to be a little bit too dark for me, but you can definitely have them blended to your own liking.

When it comes to the shades, I love pink and purple, too — but the purple shades are just right for me.

The pink-and/or-purple lipsticks are a little hard to get my hands on, but if you have a friend or loved one who doesn’t like lipstick, then these may be the perfect lipsticks for them.

Here are some of the other new shades in Secret.

The red lipstick is really a little on the dark side, so if you prefer a darker color, then the pink lipstick is a great option for you.

The purple lipstick is also a little off-putting for me — I think it looks too red for me in the photo below, but it’s also really soft and matte.

The blue and/or green lipsticks do a great job of staying on my lips and also make them more wearable for a variety.

I really like that they don’t stick to my lips as much as the red and/ or purple lipsticks.

So, if you want to experiment, or if you like to add a little sparkle to your looks, then this is definitely the line for you!