Secret cosmetics company Secret Key has been under investigation for allegedly using counterfeit cosmetics.

The company is accused of selling fake products that contain ingredients that are not listed on the product’s packaging.

The allegations come from an investigation into counterfeit cosmetics and are being handled by the FBI and state attorneys general. 

The FBI is investigating Secret Key for allegedly selling counterfeit cosmetics that contain non-listed ingredients that could cause allergic reactions, including eye irritations, nose irritation and skin burns. 

“I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s shocking,” said Julie Pacheco, a former employee of Secret Key.

Pacheo was fired last month after a monthlong investigation. 

In response to the allegations, the Secret Key board said the company’s cosmetic products were safe and that it was working with the federal government and state attorney generals to make the company whole. 

Secret Key is not the only company in the industry to be under investigation.

The Associated Press reported this week that two other companies are also under investigation by the government for selling counterfeit products. 

A spokesman for the California Attorney General’s Office declined to comment. 

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been leading a crackdown on counterfeit cosmetics companies. 

He said he would seek to seize companies suspected of selling counterfeit goods and make them accountable for their actions. 

Last year, Becerras office issued subpoenas to several companies, including Secret Key, alleging they were selling counterfeit makeup, including in-store cosmetics, on their websites. 

On Tuesday, the Attorney General also said he was launching a national crackdown on online retailers that sell counterfeit cosmetics, citing counterfeit cosmetics products that can cause allergies and allergic reactions. 

 On Wednesday, Becers office said it has filed an indictment against four companies that allegedly sold counterfeit cosmetics to consumers, including two of the top five sellers of counterfeit products in the United States.