A mystery that has baffled Victoria Secret for years has been revealed for the first time.

The company was shocked by the revelations made by former employees of the cosmetics brand who revealed in an internal report that it had been operating a secret child sex rings in the US.

It is understood Victoria Secret was not aware of the alleged child sex activities until the news broke last week.

The company said it had begun an internal review, but has yet to publish its findings.

The new revelations will add to the growing list of allegations against the cosmetics empire and come as the company prepares for its first anniversary.

It has emerged that the company used children from an orphanage in the state of California to run its cosmetics and beauty operations in the United States.

Victoria Secret has also been accused of using the children for profit, and in some cases even as sex slaves, to sell cosmetics at a discount.

Victoria’s secret child prostitution ringThe new findings follow allegations made by an anonymous former employee of the brand.

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said the children were used to supply the children at the orphanage, which was run by the former owner of the children’s home.

“We would see children as young as four, five, six,” he said.

He said the majority of the work would take place in the office, and children would be used to deliver items to the orphanages for the children.

The former employee said Victoria Secret had a very poor track record with regards to child abuse.

“The allegations are absolutely outrageous,” he told the ABC.

“I’m shocked at how poorly they’ve been investigated.

They’ve been accused twice of child prostitution, both times in the past few years.”

The company said in a statement it was working closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate and that it was “aware of allegations made regarding the use of child workers”.

It said it was in the process of investigating those allegations and would “review all of our policies to ensure that no children were exploited in our supply chain”.

Victoria Secret said it has taken steps to stop the abuse of its employees.

“Victoria Secret works with a number of different agencies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its associates, and we take these allegations very seriously,” the statement said.

“We are taking steps to strengthen our systems to detect and address such abuses.”

Victoria Secret also said it would work with the United Nations to ensure children and families in vulnerable situations were not exploited.

Last year, Victoria Secret admitted it was paying $1 million a year in child sex tourism and had stopped paying some of its suppliers.

The investigation into the allegations came to light after the company was hit with a $4.5 million lawsuit from former employee and actor Jack O’Connell.

Mr O’Connor claims he was abused by employees of Victoria Secret and he also claims Victoria Secret falsified documents to hide the child sex abuse.

In May this year, Mr O’Donnell, who is now suing Victoria Secret, filed a lawsuit against the company.

Victoria and O’Nealson declined to comment on the new allegations.

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